Feedback & Complaints for Residential Aged Care

Improve the quality of care
Improve the profitability of your home(s)
Reduces risk of a non-compliance or sanctions

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Cross Hairs

Stay out of the cross hairs of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Key Features

Aged Care Quality Standards

Mapped to the Aged Care Quality Standards

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SIRS notifications ensure compliance

$10 Basic Daily Fee Supplement

$10 fee supplement reporting

80 languages

Accessible in 80 languages


Available 24/7. Anywhere. Anytime.

Spot trends

In-depth yet simple reports help spot trends

Unparalleled Industry Experience

We're experienced Aged Care nurses, managers and consultants having each worked in aged care for over 20 years. We looked at feedback systems from other industries but none of it did what is needed. We've designed Tell Touch explicitly for aged care.

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Christine Brodrick Co-Founder
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Diana Cooper Co-Founder
Christine and Diana

Just about every issue in aged care comes down to poor communication. If you get communication right, everything else falls into place. Encouraging feedback and complaints starts the conversation. Achieve efficiencies driven by effective communication.


Family can submit feedback during lockdowns

70% of feedback and complaints are submitted by family. However, family can't fill in a paper form if they're locked out! The Tell Touch mobile app offers a simple, easy and COVID-safe means of providing feedback.

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3 reasons why Tell Touch is now a Must Have

  1. Address the recommendations delivered in Royal Commission into Aged Care;
  2. Meet the new regulations of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission; and
  3. Easily meet the $10 fee supplement reporting requirements.

Practically, you can't do this without a digital feedback and complaints system. You won't find a better system than Tell Touch.

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The Time Is Now

20th Century

Paper-based feedback

Paper based feedback
21st Century

Full digital solution

Digital feedback

Catch Issues before they get to the commission

Tackle issues before they fester. Anecdotally, the reporting of almost all issues to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission could have been averted if there was better communication and it was addressed earlier.

Catch Feelings

Pays for itself

Across private industries, successful projects for optimizing the customer experience typically achieve revenue growth of 5 to 10 per cent and achieve cost reductions of 15 to 25 per cent within just two or three years.

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