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Amplify the voice of care recipients & their families

For every complaint received, 25 people typically have the same issue but stay silent. Use Tell Touch to reveal and resolve otherwise hidden issues before they escalate. Improve care, streamline compliance, AND cut costs.

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What our clients are saying

Joy Leggo

We see [Tell Touch] as being a much more proactive approach than scheduled satisfaction survey’s which only captures a-moment-in-time. From a governance perspective, the Tell Touch system provides us with reports that allows us to monitor our performance, support compliance and address emerging issues quickly.

Lorraine Davis

Our staff have embraced Tell Touch, benefiting from its sophisticated, time-saving reporting features that facilitate quick identification and resolution of issues. The recent integration of AI has been a game-changer, providing us with insights and predictive analytics that elevate our decision-making process.

Wendy Hubbard

Prior to implementation, our two largest sites—one in Darwin and one in Alice Springs—received "Not Met" ratings due to issues with resident feedback. Following the implementation, reassessments were met with glowing reviews from the Commission assessors regarding our system of feedback collection, the timing of follow-up, and action taken on any issues raised.

More Testimonials

Swinburne University of Technology The University of Melbourne

Evaluation Report

By The University of Melbourne & Swinburne University of Technology

The quantitative and qualitative findings confirmed Tell Touch's high acceptability and usefulness in managing feedback and improving care delivery.

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Address issues before they fester
Operate more efficiently
Happier consumers, families and staff
Better word-of-mouth
Easier to attract new consumers and staff
Easier to attract new consumers and staff Better word-of-mouth Happier consumers, families and staff Operate more efficiently Address issues before they fester

Save $120,000 per year

Modelled cost savings for a 100-bed facility when implementing Instant Feedback™.

  • Marketing spend
  • Staff absenteeism
  • Staff turnover
  • Agency staff
  • Legal fees (non-compliances and sanctions)
  • Consultant fees (non-compliances and sanctions)
  • Consumer happiness
  • Family happiness
  • Positive Word-of-mouth
  • Occupancy rate
  • Profit

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Confessions of an ex-ACQSC auditor

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