All Aged Care homes must comply
Tell Touch now has SIRS Management Notifications

Managers are notified by SMS when staff report an incident. This gives managers time to report it within 24 hours as mandated by the Serious Incident Notifications Scheme. Call for more information on your SIRS obligations and Tell Touch's solution.

Feedback & complaints systems for
Aged Care Residential Care Home Care Retirement Villages Disability Services Health Care

Combining the 20+ years of experience of two aged care nurses with two rockstar programmers, we've created a system that allows consumers and their families to submit complaints and feedback via kiosks, apps, and the web.

Tell Touch gives staff and management tools to:

Comply - Regulation compliance made easy.
Communicate - Engage consumers and their families; and
Care - Demonstrate we really care about each other.

The result is better and more efficient care, increased demand, big cost savings, and low-stress compliance of regulations.

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  • Meet ACQSC's new requirements for mandatory reporting. Now includes SIRS Management Notifications. New
  • Ensure reporting systems and open disclosure principles meet the Aged Care Quality Standards.
  • 24/7 access anywhere. Families can download the app.
  • Available in 41 languages.
  • Executive management visibility. All correspondence documented.
  • Measure resolution satisfaction.

Demonstrating you care leads to:

  • Happier consumer & staff.
  • Better relationships.
  • More content environment for staff, consumer and family.

Why now?

Wanting to give consumers a voice, dismayed by the time taken to deal with consumer issues, and concerned with the lack of transparency for executive management, we’ve came up with Tell Touch. Tell Touch combines the latest technology with in-depth knowledge of what’s really needed in Aged Care. The Royal Commission into Aged Care bears testament to the need.

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New Homes must report abuse

Here are some of the new requirements:

  • Managers must report Feedback and Complaints that include allegation, suspicion, or witness account of abuse and neglect.
  • Managers must report some serious incidents to ACQSC within 24 hours. If an incident occurs over the weekend, they can't just open the Feedback and Complaints box at 9am on Monday morning.
  • There must be live documented evidence of all actions taken in response to actual or suspected abuse and neglect.

There are fines of up to $110,000 for non-compliance of the new rules. More Info.

Aged Care Feedback
Home Care Feedback
Retirement Village Feedback
Staff Feedback
Serious Incident Response Scheme
National Disability Insurance Scheme

Advantages of an Aged Care & Disability Care Specific System

Tell Touch is specifically designed for aged care and disability care, not adapted from retail. Advantages include:

  1. Simple to lodge feedback at a kiosk or remotely from a mobile app.
  2. Systemises feedback to ensure issues don't escalate.
  3. Available in 40+ languages.
  4. Allows management to rate feedback performance against standards (e.g. the Aged Care Quality Standards).
Tell Touch is an integral component of any consumer-directed care model

See Us in ACSA Weekly

The rigorous measurable performance analytics support compliance and good governance, mapping against quality standards, imbedded organisational key performance indicators and internal facility benchmarking.
- Issue No. 165

Comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards

Tell Touch makes it easier to measure the aged care services performance against the Aged Care Quality Standards. Ensure reporting systems and open disclosure principles meet the requirements.

Surveys vs Feedback

It's like comparing apples and oranges.

To meet the feedback and complaints requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards, and the recommendations listed in the Royal Commission Interim Report, it's clear surveys just don't cut it.

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Timing bias
  • A snapshot of a moment in time. Can be too late to remedy issues.
  • Can deal with issues as they arise.
Memory bias
  • People forget the issues that happen in the past.
  • Issues details still top-of-mind.
Recency bias
  • The Sunday roast can sway responses!
  • Recent events ARE the issue.
Acquiescence bias
  • People are prone to giving a response your want to hear.
  • Feedback can be provided without supervision or by families.
Conformity bias
  • Surveys are often conducted in front of others.
  • Feedback provided without supervision.
Intimidation bias
  • Respondents may feel uncomfortable or fear reprisal.
  • Feedback can be given anonymously.
Paper- Based Digital vs

Move out of the '90's into this millennium

Ten reasons why you need a digital feedback and complaints system.

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1 Feedback can be completed anywhere anytime
2 Staff are instantly notified, and complaints can be auto-routed to the relevant person.
3 Management has full visibility
4 Reminders, notifications and accessibility foster accountability
5 Reports are instantly generated, always available.
6 Trends are easily highlighted
7 Complaints can't be filed in the bin
8 Easily add multiple languages
9 Encourages positive feedback
10 Visible display that you are listening

Benefits of a Becoming More Consumer Oriented

Not only is it the right thing to do for consumers, but it'll help your business.

Fix issues before they fester Operate more efficiently Happier staff, consumers and families Better word-of-mouth Easier to fill beds
Across private industries, successful projects for optimizing the customer experience typically achieve revenue growth of 5 to 10 per cent and achieve cost reductions of 15 to 25 per cent within just two or three years.
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We see [Tell Touch] as being a much more proactive approach than scheduled satisfaction survey’s which only captures a-moment-in-time. From a governance perspective, the Tell Touch system provides us with reports that allows us to monitor our performance, support compliance and address emerging issues quickly.

Our consumers and their representatives are as thrilled as we are to be able to respond to their feedback promptly. [Tell Touch has] developed a system which is simple-to-use, easy-to-access and with high level reporting capabilities. We have certainly moved out of the 20th century paper-based system into the digital world of the 21st century. Thank you.

No other system can do what you have done! They use to say cash is king but in aged care Information is king and Tell Touch provides this. The process is easy to complete. There's no wasted time, no paperwork and it's fully compliant.

Note, photos are stock photos, not those of the person giving the testimonial. The testimonial are real!

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