Best Practice in Feedback & Complaints for Aged Care Staff

Tell Touch Staff Feedback allows you to listen to your staff as well as your consumers. Staff feedback can be provided via a dedicated kiosk (ideally placed in a staff room) or via the Tell Touch mobile apps.

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Key Features


Kiosks in the staff room


Super easy-to-use mobile apps

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Easy to report SIRS management notifications

Spot trends

In-depth yet simple reports help spot trends

Multiplier Effect: Happy Staff

Listening to staff and listening to consumers has a multiplying effect on the level of care provided, and the performance of the operator. Happy consumers leads to happy staff, and happy staff leads to happy consumers.

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Less Time Recruiting!

Many of the benefits of listening to consumers also apply to listening to staff. Turnover is a massive issue in Aged Care. A Hesta report found that 23% of aged care workers intend to resign or leave for jobs outside of aged care. The reasons given are generally all addressable ... if only management knew about them.

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