How Tell Touch Works

The Feedback Process - The simple way to handle feedback in aged care homes.

Consumer Admitted

On admission, a staff member enters the Consumer and Primary Representative into the Tell Touch system.

Show Consumer App & Kiosk

A staff member shows the Consumer and Primary Representative the Tell Touch kiosk and app.

Feedback Lodged

The Consumer, Primary Representative, or other parties, can lodge feedback on the mobile app or kiosk.

The person entering the feedback and the Primary Representative (if it isn’t them) receive an immediate acknowledgement via email.

It’s simple to provide feedback, and it can be done anywhere.

Feedback Routed to Staff Member

Based on the type of feedback, responsible staff members are immediately notified by Email or Text Message (optional).

Feedback Acknowledged

The person lodging the feedback receives an immediate response. The Primary Representative is also notified.

Staff Member Takes Action

The responsible staff member replies to the automated email, or by logging in to the Tell Touch Dashboard.

Resolution Satisfaction

To ensure satisfaction once an issue is closed, Tell Touch seeks further feedback on the process.

Consumers and Primary Representatives can view all communication on their dashboard.

Management View Reports

Visuals quickly highlight common issues and make sure feedback is handled promptly. The report drills down to the individual consumers, the home, and all homes in the organisation. This ensures homes are on top of the feedback process.

Consumer Partnership & Compliance

Tell Touch fosters a partnership with Consumers and supports compliance by its accessibility, responsiveness and transparency.

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